Goodfeel Disposable Adult Diapers Briefs For Men & Women Medium 20 Pcs


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Product Information

  • Brand: Goodfeel
  • Item NO: GF-191028P
  • Size: Medium
  • Capacity: 1662ml
  • Waist Size:28-43”/70-110cm
  • Dimensions: 82*27*48cm
  • Weight: 85g/pack ,8.7kg/carton
  • Qty: 10Pcs/ pack, 10packs/carton

Product Material

  • Top layer: non-woven fiber, natural soft and breathable.
  • Middle layer: fluff pulp+ SAP+ classic tissue.
  • Bottom layer: 100% fresh PE casting film.
  • Re-fasten PP tape of easy inspection & adjustment in the front.

Product Description

  1. Top sheet with non-woven make you feel very comfortable.
  2. Breathable and Super Absorbent Core – Help in absorption and maximum retention of fluid minimizing unpleasant odors
  3. PE/Magic tape allows easy use and refastening as many times as necessary
  4. Leak Guards – Thes help prevent leakage from the brief

Product Features & Dtails

  • Elastic design at the waist and leg position
  • High molecular water absorbent, fast absorption, no side leakage and skin damage
  • Standing leakage guard, strengthen protection, not easy to soil the bed sheet.
  • Wetness indicator remind you to replace the adult diaper in time and keep skin dry.

Additional information

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